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Tuition & Fees

   Morning Star Academy

Tuition and Fee Schedule

 2019-2020 School Year



Building Fee


Preschool - 3




Preschool - 4








1st to 8th




9th to 12th






Registration payment is required  for new families to receive a parent interview for possible enrollment.  Current families reserve a spot for their child in their class once enrollment packet and registration fee is received.

(*) If registration is completed after March 31, 2019, the registration fee will be $175 for Preschool, and $350 per family for K-12th.

Building Fee

The Building Fee is not subject to any discounts (multi-student, pastoral) and is due June 15, 2019 for all payment plans except for the 12 Month payment plan. See payment plan options below for details.


For the 2019-2020 school year, we will continue to partner with FACTS Tuition Management Company to process the tuition payments for our monthly tuition plans. They offer an invoice service (remit by mail or online), or automatic payments (credit card or bank account draw).  You have the following options for paying your tuition and fees for 2019-2020:


Tuition Due Dates

Building Fee Due Dates

Paid to

Annual Plan

Full amount due June 15, 2019

Due June 15, 2019


Semester Plan

50% due June 15, 2019

50% due January 15, 2020

Due June 15, 2019


12 Month Plan

12 monthly payments beginning  June  2019

Rolled into monthly payments beginning  June 2019


10 Month Plan

10 monthly payments beginning August  2019

Due June 15, 2019











(*)  There is an annual FACTS enrollment fee of $45 per family, per year, for those families who select a monthly payment plan. 

(**) Monthly plans must be finalized online 30 days in advance of first payment for invoice plans and 20 days in advance for automatic payment plans.

(***) For more information on FACTS Tuition Management, please click here:  FACTS

Tuition Discount Information

There is an $850 discount on tuition for the second child in grades 1-12.

There is a $2,500 discount on tuition for the third and all subsequent children in grades 1-12.

Full-time pastors receive an additional 25% discount on tuition for children in grades 1-12.

Pre-3, Pre-4 and K students do not qualify for any tuition discounts.

Please note, all families who wish to receive their multi-student discount must submit a FACTS application.

*Additional Financial Aid is available based on family need.  Please apply through FACTS.

Extra Curricular

Athletic, Band, and Ensemble fees are payable to MSA and due at the beginning of the athletic, band or ensemble seasons. Athletic fees are $125/sport (1-8) and $175/sport (9-12).  Band fees are $264/semester (1-12).  There is for band a $20 discount for the second child and $40 discount for the third child.

If you would like to print a copy of the Tuition and Fee Schedule, please click on the following link:

2019-2020 Tuition and Fee Schedule