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At Morning Star Academy we emphasize the development of the whole child. Young children learn best as active participants in a developmentally appropriate setting where they feel comfortable, challenged, and part of a group. A strong partnership between parents and teachers with frequent, open communication strengthens the quality of the early childhood experience.

As a classical Christian school, Morning Star Academy uses the classical model of education, the Trivium, and applies it to the students' educational stages of development. The classical Christian Trivium can be traced back to the early church.

The Grammar stage of the Trivium roughly corresponds to students in grades K-5. During this stage we are equipping students with facts. Grammar is not merely English grammar; it consists of the basic facts or building blocks of every subject. We believe God has hard-wired children to be good at memorizing facts at this stage of their lives. We build upon the natural strengths of our students and use songs and chants to enhance their memorization skills.