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By: Deena Simpson 

When we value something, it is tough to put a price on it. This is how my family feels about the Classical Christian education our children have received at Morning Star Academy. We made the decision when our kids were very young that the public school down the street was not an education option. The Simpson family began our adventure at MSA in the Fall of 2001 when our oldest daughter, Ellie, started kindergarten. Since then, three of our four children have graduated from MSA. Our daughter, Isabel, is about to finish her second year of Rhetoric school.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a sacrificial investment. We still live in our first house, our kids have to share bedrooms, and our yard is not very big. We would not trade the choice we made for anything different. There have been times it did not make sense financially to have our kids at a private Christian school, but God has always provided a way for us to honor our educational commitment to our children. Here are five reasons we value the Classical Christian model implemented at MSA.

  1. We want the opportunity to coach our children through their education rather than police what they learn on a daily basis. The curriculum allows us to have spiritual discussions at dinner or in the car, without worrying about the dissemination of non-Christian worldviews taught at other institutions. Also, the scripture learned by song for catechism in Grammar school enables students to hide God’s word in their heart for a lifetime.

  2. Our kids are taught how to think, not what to think. Even though each of our children learn differently, they are all critical thinkers. The stages of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric are tailored to their strengths, and each stage builds on the other.

  3. The Comparative Religions and Worldview classes offered in Rhetoric school have been integral in developing a stronger Christian faith in our kids. Learning how Christianity compares to other religions like Buddhism or Hinduism, and worldviews like Atheism or Postmodernism, has made our children more confident and outspoken believers. They are not afraid to ask non-Christian friends or coworkers, “What’s your worldview?”

  4. The Logic class taught in 8th grade gives our kids the ability to argue well with facts. It also enables them to detect weak arguments - even when their parents use them!

  5. The teachers and staff are on our team. They care about our children’s character. Anytime our kids need correction and training, we can count on MSA teachers to care, much like we as parents do. This ties back to being able to coach our kids through school rather than police them. 

The value of choosing this education for our children is priceless and eternal. Perhaps the most priceless is the fact that our graduate children have thanked us for making the investment. They appreciated the value and were very academically prepared for college. More importantly, they were spiritually equipped. 

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  1. Pam Israel:
    May 09, 2019 at 09:03 PM

    Wow, great article, Deena! You really summed up well many of the reasons that it is worth the sacrifice!

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