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If you donate to our scholarship organization, you will receive a tax credit of 65% of your donation and in turn bless a student with a scholarship.


Morning Star Academy is associated with the scholarship organization, The Heart of Iowa, named for the eleven Christian schools who are in the middle of the state, Morning Star being the one outlier, literally. Heart of Iowa is a 501c3 who administers and distributes scholarship funds to its member schools as designated by the donor. As a 501c3 your donation to the Heart of Iowa can also be used as a deduction on your federal income taxes.


When an individual or business makes a donation to the Heart of Iowa designating Morning Star Academy, that donor will receive 65% of their donation as a tax credit for Iowa state income taxes. Heart of Iowa will send a receipt acknowledging the donation. This receipt will be proof of your donation and claim for the 65% tax credit. 


Your donation will bless a Morning Star student or students who qualify for scholarship help. Qualifying students are those whose family’s income does not exceed certain thresholds as determined by the size of the family. In other words, the scholarship goes to those with the greatest financial need.

As an example, suppose you or your business originally owed $8,000 in Iowa state income taxes. With this tax credit, if you donated $10,000 to Heart of Iowa designating it to Morning Star Academy, you would be able to claim 65% of that – or $6,500 – as a tax credit. Your net tax liability would be $1,500. Plus that full $10,000 contribution can be included as a charitable gift for federal tax purposes. This means a donor will receive back in tax credits and deductions over 65% of his or her original contribution.

In turn Heart of Iowa would use the $10,000 to give tuition grants to qualifying Morning Star Academy students. Thus you not only benefit from the donation but qualifying Iowa students and their families receive a scholarship to attend Morning Star Academy.

Donate to Heart of Iowa

Receive a tax credit

Bless a Morning Star student

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