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Rhetoric School (9th-12th Grade)

Our students' worldview education continues in high school with instruction in Christian doctrine, comparative religions, and apologetics. Biblical worldview thinking must not begin and end within the confines of Bible class. Morning Star Academy's classical Christian approach equips students with the necessary knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to apply the truths of God's word to all aspects of their lives.

Within the classical Christian approach, students in high school (9th through 12th) are entering the third phase of the Trivium, which is the rhetoric stage. We have learned that high school students are interested in expressing ideas. Once students at Morning Star Academy have learned the basic facts and know how to think and reason well, they are then ready to sharpen their communication skills in the rhetoric stage. Through formal training in the art of rhetoric our students learn to speak and write persuasively.

The pinnacle of their career at Morning Star Academy is a senior thesis, a year-long project that culminates in a 15 to 20 page paper and a 15 minute presentation and defense before a faculty panel and audience.

2021-2022 senior thesis were:

Juliet Brewer - "The Twisted Alphabet:  Spelling out the Effects of Gender Identity on Mental Health and Personhood"

LilyAnna Champlin - "Unveiling the Dangers of Perfectionism"

Joseph Gibson - "The American Scapegoat:  A Misguided Fear of Media Violence"

Kara Hughes - "Information Not found:  The Impact of Censorship and Cancel Culture on Society"

Carolyn Raymon - "Farm to Pharmacy:  Is this Equine Industry at Odds with Women's Health?"

Caleb Schroeder - "the Necessity of Numeracy:  Why Do I Need To Know This?"

Samuel Schroeder - "Social Media and Society:  Friends or Foes?"

Anna Stivers - "Divided We Stand:  An Evaluation of the Waning Spirit of Patriotism in America"




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