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I’m looking at the tuition rate and am uncertain if I can pay this within my current budget. Should I even start the process of applying or re-enrolling?

Yes. We have structured the refund policy in such a way that after you have gone through the entire process of applying or re-enrolling and applying for financial aid through FACTS, if you are unable to pay the tuition you will be refunded $200 from your registration fee up to June 15th. (After June 15th the registration fee will no longer be refunded).   

Who will be viewing my FACTS application?

All personal identifiable information will be hidden for families who are only applying for the multi-student discount. Thus while the Headmaster will see income numbers, he will not connect those to any specific name.

If you are requesting financial aid the Headmaster will be viewing the application to make a recommendation to the other administrators -- Heads of Lower and Upper Schools. If the administration is in disagreement on the Headmaster’s recommendation they may request to see the application for clarification.    

Will some families who apply for the multi-student discount through FACTS not receive a discount.

No, all families who apply for the multi-student discount through FACTS will receive a discount.

Why do you need my income information if I am only applying for a multi-student discount?

The primary aim for this requirement is to receive real-time demographic data on Morning Star families. Currently, all of our demographic data is generic census figures. We simply don’t have a good idea of the typical Morning Star family. We recognize that our families have a lot of financial responsibilities. Our concern is that we are placing too high of a tuition burden based upon census figures that do not reflect the typical Morning Star family. This income information will give us better insight for long term planning regarding tuition and facilities. 

If I am applying only for a multi-student discount do I need to upload my tax documents?

No. However, when you complete and submit your application you will receive an automatic email saying, “The following documentation is required to complete your application (if applicable) . . . .” In the case of those who are only receiving a multi-student discount it is not applicable. You do not need to submit these tax documents.

When can I start my FACTS application?

You can start your FACTS application as soon as possible. However, to give accurate income information you will need to have your taxes completed. At the end of the application you will be asked to upload your tax document (i.e. 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, etc.) which does apply to those in need of financial aid.  Thus most applicants wait to start FACTS until their taxes are completed. For the first round of scholarships you have until April 15th to complete your FACTS application. 

How do I apply for FACTS?

FACTS is an online application through a third party company (Nelnet Business Solutions). You will be asked to create a user name and password. You are not required to pay for their services until you have completed the entire application.

If I am an existing family but have a new student to Morning Star do I need to re-enroll and apply?

Yes. You will need to complete the re-enrollment form for your existing student and an application for your new student.

When will you receive new student applications? When is the soonest I will know of their acceptance?

We will receive new student applications beginning January 15th. We will begin enrollment conferences for new students beginning March 1st. Seven to ten days after the enrollment conference you will know acceptance (non-acceptance).

Do both parents or guardians have to be Christians to apply?

No, only one of the child’s parents or guardians must be a Christian. However, we ask all parents to read and sign the school’s “Statement of Faith” as a recognition that their child will be taught accordingly. We also ask that at least one parent or guardian agrees with and actively supports the purposes and policies of the school.

Do previously enrolled students and their immediate families have first priority?

Yes, and when teachers and staff apply for admission of their first child, they will have the same priority as students enrolled in the school.

What about special educational needs? What will Morning Star provide?

Morning Star Academy wants each student to have the best possible academic experience. However, if it becomes apparent that our school cannot adequately address the special educational needs of a given student, parents will be advised to seek another educational placement.

How old must my student be to enter kindergarten or first grade?

Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old by September 15th or 6 years old by September 15th to enter into first grade.

What do you look for when students transfer from another school?

Besides looking for grade level appropriateness, students transferring from another school must have a good record of conduct, character, attitude and acceptance. Final admissions acceptance will be subject to approval of records by Morning Star Academy. A student’s academic achievements will be considered in the application process, but only for grade placement, not as the primary determinant for acceptance. Again we are seeking to enroll those students who, because of their own families’ priorities, will most benefit from what Morning Star Academy can offer to them.

After a student is enrolled is readmission automatic from year-to-year?

Initial admittance to Morning Star Academy does not imply automatic readmission. Morning Star Academy reserves the right to refuse admission or readmission to any prospective or returning student. At any time, applicants who withhold pertinent information, or who falsify information, may be required to withdraw from Morning Star Academy.

It is important to understand that attendance at Morning Star Academy is a privilege and not a right; that privilege may be forfeited by any student or family who does not conform to the standards and regulations of the institution. Morning Star Academy may at any time request the withdrawal of a student who, in the opinion of Morning Star Academy, is not in harmony with the spirit of the institution, regardless of whether or not he conforms to the specific rules and regulations of the school.

Whom does Morning Star hope to benefit?

Morning Star Academy is operated as an educational institution for the benefit of the Christian families in our community. Students are admitted without regard to race, color, or national or ethnic origin. Morning Star does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies or programs.

Whom should I call if I cannot find my question answered here?

Feel free to call Morning Star at 563-359-5700 or email: